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About Delateur Academy


Delateur Academy is a registered business limited company in Nigeria. It is the HUMAN and CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT arm of the DELATEUR GROUP, charged with all and everything relating and related to all TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT activities of The DELATEUR GROUP.

Though a newly registered business entity in comparism with the sister companies under the DELATEUR GROUP umbrella, but her operations have been taken up by the different arms/firms of The Group, so, we are not new in/to our operations, projects, products and services.

In addition to the above, we have highly qualified and well-experienced personnel at our disposal, handling every aspect of operations and services.

Education & Training Consultancy

Teacher Training & Development

Classroom, Student & School Management

Curriculum Development

Tailor-Made & Adaptable Co-Curricular Activities

Training and Tutoring

Publishing & Printing

Test & Measurement

Home Schooling




Our Business Engagements


To carry on the business of vocational management and sports (Judo & Taekwondo, Football Academy and other sports) Training, Printing Press, Publishing, Professional Editing, Sales & Marketing, Establishing Day Care and Nursery, Primary, Secondary Schools, Tertiary Institutions and other relating institutions and other related learning institutions and to establish and promote extra moral classes.


To carry on the business of general Educational Consultancy and engage in impacting skills, knowledge and good attitude and also serve as an interactive point for researchers, policy makers, groups and government, to promote all ages in education for acquiring relevant sponsorship from Government Agencies, NGO, Private sponsors and International Organisations.


To carry on the business of advisory services on educational matters to government, private/corporate organisations who desire and need help on any aspect of public policy and development matters.


To acquire, manage, establish and run education system informal and dynamic manner and also to engage in science and technical education for self- reliance, economic, industrial manpower development in Nigeria.


To carry on the business of management services and to establish skill acquisitions and vocational training centres, adult education classes and in that regards to collaborate and enter into partnership with other institutions in order to enhance the credibility of its academic pursuits and certificates within and outside Nigeria.


To apply for accreditation within and outside Nigeria with relevant professional bodies, institutions, agencies, organisations and authorities and to engage in the publication of literature such as books, magazines, journals, etc on education, health, safety and environmental management services.


To carry out researches and training on education, public policy, environment and sustainability and family education, technology transfer and global system and also to publish journals, newsletters, monograph, pamphlets, proceedings and occasional monologue.


To engage in business of Information Technology (IT) as related to computer services discipline in all its branches and ramifications i.e. network services, artificial intelligence, software development, system manufacturing and assembling, website development and internet service provider (ISP) and computer business services etc


To carry on the business of importers, exporters, general merchants, industrialist, distribution and supplies of education materials and their commission agents, manufacturer’s, manufacturer’s representative and general contractors.


To carry on the business of strategies and management services in all aspects of the development section Project Management from inception to implementation businesses analysis and change implementation.


To carry on the business of Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

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