With society (even parents) failing, our society is ridden with youth without hope of/for tomorrow. Education has failed; no jobs, no security and no one for the average youth to look up to.

Delateur Foundation (DF) has decided to do her best (with the help and assistance of well-meaning people) to rise up to these societal challenges facing our youth and society at large.

This is “our” challenge. “Our” meaning you and I, not just DF’s. We need to give hope to this generation and coming generations. Our belief at DF is to make them productive and self-reliant, and we are gender-conscious in our projects.

Foundation’s Overview

We have been operational since 2001, but became duly registered as a Not-For-Profit organisation in Nigeria 2011. We are at the moment based in Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria.

Registered as “DELATEUR YOUTHS EMPOWERMENT AND SOCIAL REFORMS FOUNDATION” with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria, but we shall be simply known as “DELATEUR FOUNDATION” in all our operations.

Our principal vision is to make the average Nigerian youth productive and to make Nigeria as a country/nation to be proud of by all her citizens and well-wishers.

“Raising productive generations of Nigerians”


  • To help make the Nigerian youth become productive and self-reliant,
  • To achieve (A) above, we shall train and develop creative, entrepreneurial and leadership skills of the Nigerian youth (using various methodologies).
  • To help reform the society at large and develop same,
  • To achieve (C) above, we shall embark on campaigns, workshops, enlightenment programmes amongst other things and ways


To be transparent in our dealings and transactions with all stakeholders

Give the best of development to recipients of our development and reform programmes and activities,

To be accountable and responsible.

Goals & Objectives: Our basic goals and objectives are;

  • To reduce street destitution.
  • To reduce (if we cannot eradicate) youth idleness, which usually lead to restiveness and miscreants.
  • To reduce or/and eliminate militancy, violence, cultism and drug abuse amongst the youth.


  • Train and fully develop at least TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY (250) youth every year (12 calendar months),
  • Empower at least twenty per cent (20%) of those trained/developed through our training programmes (within twelve to twenty four months after completed training based on interest shown and other criteria based on follow-up through Monitoring and Evaluation),
  • Embark on at least a social reforms programme in at least one (1) LGA/State of the Federation per year,
  • Embark on at least one social (communal) development project in at least one (1) LGA/State of the Federation every year.
  • Give out TEN (10) free web hosting accounts every year for two (2) years.
  • Organise sports and sporting competitions for the youth in other to engage their strengths and maximise same.


Our programmes/projects run annualy
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Since we were registered in 2011
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