Delateur Services is duly registered business in Nigeria. It is an organisation, which has a consortium of Professional Consultants at its disposal and as part of the organisation.

Our consortium of Professionals is well experienced, highly competent and capable in their various fields of endeavour, with each having an array of capable hands to work with at any time to deliver an effectively and efficiently well-done job.

In relations to Data Management and Research; we take up various kinds of Surveys and Researches for United Nations Organisation (UNO) Agencies and United States Agency for International Aids and Development (USAID) funded Agencies, Non – Governmental Organisations, Private Businesses (including SMEs), Data Collection, Storage, Retrieval, Analysis for different purposes; Social, Public Health, Economic, etc. These services many times have covered Monitoring and Evaluation.

Business Goals: Our business goals are these;

  • To provide and proffer solutions to/for businesses using Business Communication & Writing Skills (Proposals, Reports, Environment Impact Assessment, Content Writing, Feasibility Studies, etc), Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Social Media Platforms, Planning, Sales & Marketing, and other methodologies and avenues to help them remain afloat, develop and grow while making profits and remaining sustainable and profitable.
  • To support and assist Projects; Project Sponsors, Implementers, Developers and Deployment achieve their goals and objectives, using and through technical means such as Research & Surveys, Opinion Polls, Project Management and Development, Monitoring & Evaluation, Data (Collection, Sorting, Analysis, Storage & Retrieval) and other tools.

Some Facts

Delateur Services trains and tutors (regularly), for government, non – governmental agencies, Private Organisations and individuals in virtually all areas pertaining to Business Development – Proposal and Report Writing, Monitoring and Evaluation, Computer & Internet Appreciation (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced). Some of clients include Lagos State Government’s Ministry of Education, Office of the Deputy Governor of Lagos State, International Organisations, etc.

We perform Personal Information Data verification for various agencies and embassies, and also been involved in Social, Marketing and Environmental Researches/Surveys, which sometimes have included commercial enquiries for our clientèle.

Our Software/Solution Development entails designing software and solutions tailored to your organisation or individual needs; be it an SME or a large corporation, whether Desktop or Web-based Applications, from design and development to deployment, even to training on same.

Our web services cover (but not exclusive to); web designs, web hosting, email services, domain name registration, web and mobile Application design, development and deployment, etc.

Our Expertise

Web & Apps Services (Designs, Hosting, etc.) and other related jobs 97 %
Business Communication Business Communication Writing (proposals, reports, feasibility studies, etc), 95 %
Monitoring and Evaluation 94 %
Geographical Information Systems (GIS), 90 %
Data (collection and warehousing) and Database Creation, Management and Analysis, 89 %
Project Management & Business Development 87 %
SMS Services (Bulk and Retail) 85 %
Researches and Surveys (Social, Economic and Environmental) 85 %



We will help you to achieve your
goals and to grow your business.