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Executive Summary


With society (even parents) failing, our society is ridden with youth without hope of/for tomorrow. Education has failed; no jobs, no security and no one for the average youth to look up to.

Delateur Foundation (DF) has decided to do her best (with the help and assistance of well-meaning people) to rise up to these societal challenges facing our youth and society at large. This is “our” challenge. “Our” meaning you and I, not just DF’s. We have and need to give hope to this generation and coming generations. Our belief at DF is to make them (generations of Nigerians) productive and self reliant, doing and achieving these, we are gender-conscious in our projects – we do not discriminate against anyone, faith, belief, religion, tribe or culture.

Our Vision

Our principal vision is to make the average Nigerian youth productive and to make Nigeria as a country/nation to be proud of by all her citizens and well-wishers.


A. To help make the Nigerian youth become productive and self-reliant.

B. To achieve (A) above, we shall train and develop creative, entrepreneurial and leadership skills of the Nigerian youth (using various methodologies).

C. To help reform the society at large and develop same.

D. To achieve (C) above, we shall embark on campaigns, workshops, enlightenment programmes amongst other things and ways.

Goals & Objectives

1. To reduce street destitution.
2. To reduce youth idleness, which usually lead to restiveness and miscreants.
3. To reduce or/and eliminate militancy, violence, cultism and drug abuse amongst the youth.

To achieve the above, we would embark on the following;

1. Train and fully develop at least TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND (250,000) youth every year (12 calendar months), which a huge leap from our initial goal in our first five (5) years of registration,

2. Empower at least twenty per cent (20%) of those trained/developed through our training programmes (within twelve to twenty four months after completed training based on interest shown and other criteria based on follow-up through Monitoring and Evaluation),

3. Embark on at least a social reforms programme in at least one (1) LGA/State of the Federation per year.

4. Embark on at least one social (communal) development project in at least one (1) LGA/State of the Federation every year.

5. Give out free web hosting accounts every year for two (2) years.

6. Organise sports and sporting competitions for the youth in other to engage their strengths and maximise same.

Core Values


To be transparent in our dealings and transactions with all stakeholders.


Give the best of development to recipients of our development and reform
programmes and activities.



To be accountable and responsible.

Ongoing Projects/Programs

Skill For Life

Our Skill For Life (SKL) projects are intended to give at least a skill to participants for the rest of their lives. We intend to achieve this through our Entrepreneurial workshops; Leadership & Vocation and Entrepreneurs’ Workshops.

  • YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS (LEADERSHIP & VOCATION): This programme/project is geared towards young people in the society/community (mostly secondary school/college students). Apart from giving them Leadership and Vocational training, they are also given trainings on start-ups and managing businesses. Young Entrepreneurs have been conducted in Lagos, Idah (Kogi State) and Abuja, and we are looking at extending to other parts of Nigeria. While the physical (on-site) training are still available, this has metamorphosed into an online training available on Pergus;
  • ENTREPRENEURS’ WORKSHOP: This workshop is targeted at the more mature and older participants, which may or may not involve vocational trainings.

Sport & Sporting Competition

We realise that the average youth is full of energy and would naturally engage in sports. When prize is involved, it takes more commitment from them. So, we have been involved in engaging some youth in sports; for now, Taekwondo, to be specific, in which some of them have excelled and excelling where they have represented some states and even the nation at competitions.

Helping Hands

Through this initiative, we have ‘lent a hand’ to those in need, especially the physically, mentally and psychologically challenged. We regularly visit the Yaba psychiatric hospital, Lagos, as well as other homes and individuals, making donations of cash and material needs.

Support An Entrepreneur (SAE)

With this project, we support Nigerian entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial initiatives with no-interest loans or material or both.


We have been involved in social reforms through campaigns, notable amongst our campaigns is the #MYNEWNGR Movement, a reorientation campaign
that is geared towards rebuilding a NEW NIGERIA based on these tripod of ideals and values – HUMANNESS, INTEGRITY & DISCIPLINE.

Visit for more information.


Free web hosting:

Annually, we give out free web hosting to SMEs and young entrepreneurs in Nigeria and in the diaspora. Sometimes, this comes with free website design.

Helping Hands:

We also support wholly or partly students, medical bills, paying visits and making donations to homes, especially the physically, mentally and psychologically challenged.

Support An Entrepreneur:

We have been supporting Nigerian entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial initiatives with no-interest loans or material or both.

Youth Development & Empowerment through sports:

We train, develop and sponsor sports people, especially in Taekwondo to competitions both locally and internationally.

Young Entrepreneurs 2013 till date:

At the onset we targeted one hundred (100) students each year, but since 2015 we have been training at least TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY (250) young people, mostly from the public schools across Nigeria. Young Entrepreneurs is an event where we give vocational and leadership training and talks to young people over a period of two (2) weeks – totally free of charge at different times of the year, usually during the holiday (mostly during the long/summer holiday). But with our online presence, we now target TWO HNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND (250,000) participants annually.
The workshops have been very tasking, demanding but educative. The vocations learned include: Beads & Wireworks, Make Up & Gele Tying, Shoe Making, Decoration, Handmade Greeting Cards, Handbag Making, Arts & Crafts, Hair making and Cosmetology, Ankara craft, Small chops and snacks, Chapman drink, Photography & Video editing, House and Body care products

Apart from the vocational trainings the students, we also organise talks and seminars on leadership for them, and we provide mini lunch for them during the period of the training/workshop.

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