Our Scorecard


Since we were registered in 2011, here is a brief scorecard:

  • Free web hosting: Annually, we give out at least TEN (10) to SMEs and young entrepreneurs in Nigeria and in diaspora.
  • Free website: We close every year with free website/portal designs and development to about five (5) Nigerian SMEs, though spread throughout the year.
  • Helping Hands: We also support wholly or partly students, medical bills, paying visits and making donations to homes, especially the physically, mentally and psychologically challenged.
  • Support An Entrepreneur: We have been supporting Nigerian entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial initiatives with no-interest loans or material or both.
  • Youth Development & Empowerment through sports: We train, develop and sponsor Taekwondo athletes to competitions both locally and internationally. Some of our athletes have represented and still national Taekwondo athletes.
  • Young Entrepreneurs 2013 till date: We target one hundred (100) students each year, but since 2015 we have been training at least TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY (250) young people, mostly from the public schools across Nigeria. Young Entrepreneurs is an event where we give vocational and leadership training and talks to young people over a period of two (2) weeks – totally free of charge at different times of the year, usually during the holiday (mostly during the long/summer holiday).

The workshops have been very tasking, demanding but educative. The vocations learned were:

      • Beads & Wireworks,
      • Make Up & Gele Tying
      • Shoe Making,
      • Decoration,
      • Handmade Greeting Cards,
      • Handbag Making,
      • Arts & Crafts, and
      • Hair making and Cosmetology
      • Ankara craft
      • Small chops and snacks
      • Chapman drink
      • Photography & Video editing
      • House and Body care products


Apart from the vocational trainings the students, we also organise talks and seminars on leadership for them, and we provide mini lunch for them during the period of the training/workshop.


We will help you to achieve your
goals and to grow your business.