Little 'something' for our partners

The following are some of the benefits you and your organisation would get from supporting us;

  • Moral benefit: That you are involved in making the life or some children better and investing in their future.
  • Economic benefit: By/in sponsoring any of our projects/programmes, you would have helped in building the economy of this nation in raising entrepreneurs who would also help build the society and the Nigerian economy.
  • Social benefits: Sponsoring/supporting our projects/programmes would mean one less future miscreant, one less potential prostitute is removed from the streets and the society.
  • Media coverage: Aside our banners and publicity, usually, we have media coverage for our events and sponsors usually receive good PR and mentions, and we will also give you/your organisation free advert on our web apps; PERGUS (, ARAMBEE (, etc.
  • Public Relations: Sponsors usually have some session(s) to speak to participants and/or audience, which will endear sponsor to these young people who will certainly not to forget and spread words about sponsors.
  • Sports brand Ambassadors: Our sports athletes will be branded with your logo to competitions we would attend within a year within and beyond the shores of Nigeria, which is some form of advertising for you/your organisation.


We will help you to achieve your
goals and to grow your business.